Our Services


Bittner Excavating has a full range of construction capabilities. From new construction, excavating, site work, land clearing, and even well pad construction, Bittner Excavating can handle it all with professional results. We are dedicated to bringing the customer a finished product free of problems or concerns.

Earth Work & Site Work

Earthwork can be described as a general disturbance of land.  When dealing with construction this mainly includes processes such as excavation, drilling, trenching, tunneling and grading.  The moving and or removing of various forms of land like soil, rock, sand and other sediment are the basic means of these land disturbances that summarize the simplistics of earthwork.

Commercial Construction

Commercial construction entails the construction of everything from retail shopping centers, medical facilities, manufacturing plants, office buildings and just about any other type of business facility that can be imagined.

Oil & Gas

Bittner Excavating is a full service pipeline contractor. We provide the energy industry with experienced pipeliners that have the knowledge and ability to finish a variety of pipeline projects in a safe and professional manner.

Erosion and Sedimentation

Erosion is the washing away of soil, rock, other sediments or actual earth from a specific area of land. We offer silt fences/silt sock installations, seeding, erosion blankets, site stabilization as well as pipe line stabilization.